Saturday, 15 January 2011

old man's tea

Am really enjoying a lot of Oolong tea right now, and though I'm still learning more about Gong Fu brewing, I'm really enjoying the many infusions of each tea drinking session.

Recently heard/read that this style of brewing tea is also called 老人茶 or lao ren cha, which translates as 'old man's tea'. They call it this, because only old men would have the time to sit around and take so much time to drink little cup after little cup of successive pots of Oolong.

(Here's the original post I read from Neil Gorman:

Because I love this image and don't want to distract from it, I'm going to keep this blogpost very short. Have often pondered the possibility that I'm a very old man stuck in a moderately young man's body. I love to sit in cafes, read the paper, and complain about the state of the world. Drinking old man's tea is perfect for exactly such a worldview. Perfect.


  1. Interesting etymology for the name.
    I find it quite appealing.

  2. I've quite often heard people talk about young minds stuck in aging bodies, so your thoughts make for an interesting change. I like the sound of "old man's tea" but then how could I be allowed to sip?

  3. Old man's has a nice ring to it! I like this image, being a bit anachronistic. But that is one of the many virtues of tea, to calm time, as it rushes on past you.


  4. Age is really hard to pin down. I often feel the same way, that I'm an "old soul" in a sense. Many of the activities that I enjoy (and have enjoyed for some time), such as birdwatching, and contra dancing, are things that are more enjoyed by a generally (but not exclusively) older crowd. I'm also very into the ancient Chinese game Weiqi (Go in Japanese), which, in many countries, also has the connotation of being an old man's game.

    On the other hand, I also go swing dancing and blues dancing, which definitely attracts a crowd closer to me in age. In many ways I also enjoy being around college students, especially because I relate to their soul-searching and questioning of who they are and what direction they're going in life.

    Age is amusing to think about but I think that the only pattern I've noticed is that the people I find most interesting and feel the strongest connections with often defy or transcend common age stereotypes. This is certainly true of the bloggers that I interact with, whether they're blogging about tea, or anything!