Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Don't blame the tea

I try to be magnanimous. Really I do. When it's unbearably hot, I know many of you enjoy iced tea. Have written before about how even in burning hot weather, I stick with hot tea.

Many tea sites extoll the virtues of serving really excellent Oolong or green tea cold. I can understand that in theory, even though I personally wouldn't go so far and actually ice it. But canned/bottled iced tea? It's not even really tea, is it?

There's something just not right about it. Not that I needed proof, but here's some:

Hamilton was arrested in the dawn hours of Sunday morning after she and a friend allegedly swiped a couple of cases of canned or bottled iced tea from a convenience store, and then accidentally backed into the 66-year-old clerk's knee as they made their getaway.

Source: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2010/10/samantha_michelle_hamilton_ice.php

Now I realise that most of you might think this is jumping to conclusions. But really.

I don't blame the tea, because as I said already it's not even really tea. It's more sugar/sweetener and artificial chemicals than anything resembling tea.

Can you imagine any loose-leaf tea fan doing such a thing? I can't.


  1. Not at all but mostly because we are all gentlemen and ladies drinking tea in a civilised manner.

  2. We also are peaceful, respectful, and wish to support the industry by paying the expenses for the products =]

  3. I was sure there must be some thieving tea drinkers out there somewhere, but my first google search came up with this little joke:

    "Why do anarchists drink herbal tea? Because proper tea is theft".
    Ha, tres amusant!

    For now that's all I found while searching "tea and theft." Though I did give up quickly. Perhaps I'd like to think there isn't anything like that out there.


  4. I agree with you, man. Cold tea just seems wrong to me. :/