Saturday, 18 February 2012

tea monkey infuser

The longer I take part in this teablogging lark the more curious tea-related stuff I find. This I found a while back in Nice, and I knew I'd include it here at some point.

It's a bit of a stalling technique to be completely honest. Went to a Bio Messe in Nürnberg yesterday, and there was more than enough tea. Tea companies, and health food companies that have tea brands, and different countries promoting their tea industry.

But the thing is: it was a bit much. It's going to take me a bit of time to sift through all the information. So that's why you're getting my distraction blogpost. Look at the shiny tea monkey infuser.

I had the last leaves of a nondescript Keemun, and it was the perfect amount for a cup of tea. The tea monkey infuser was practically making monkey sounds in desperation that he be used.

ooh ooh ooh

taking a dip

I crammed the tea inside, clasped it shut, and several minutes later I had the perfect cup of tea.

It really was a nice cup of tea. I did spend a bit of time wondering what material the thing was made of (It's not a real monkey, you know?).

But it looks like stainless steel, and although there are probably studies that say stainless steel is a dangerous material in which to cook (or steep) things, it's probably too late for me to worry about such warnings.

And here we are after all that hard work...a photo of the cuppa and the very satisfied looking monkey.


  1. Monkeys make me nervous (I know, I KNOW, add it to my ever-growing list of neuroses) but this is ADORABLE. I want one. Not to make tea with. Just to have. It would make my shelf cheerful.

    1. You want to have an object that resembles an animal which makes you nervous? You surely see the disconnect here, right?

  2. adorable. I have a stainless tea infuser that is in the shape of a robot. I don't use it, but love looking at it. It is a great procrastination tool.

  3. Yes Sara, that looks like it must be made by the same outfit. Has the same little tray my monkey does.

  4. OH MY GODDESS!!! i am sick with wanting the monkey.

    i don't think stainless steel is problematic, they make stainless steel teapots after all. posh ones as well as motorway service station ones.

  5. Whenever you say "lark" it makes me think of one of these guys. Such an amusing word!

    I do like the feeling of using up my last bit of some kind of tea. Is that weird? Even when it's a tea I like and I miss it, I find it somehow satisfying.