Monday, 5 November 2012

Pot of Fresh Mint Tea at Le Pain Quotidien

Late in the evening in Notting Hill, some friends took me to Le Pain Quotidien for tea.
The waitress listed Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Rooibus as black tea, and I quickly decided on the Pot of Fresh Mint Tea.

It was delicious. And so late in the evening, it was nice to know that the natural lack of caffeine wouldn't interfere with my drifting off to sleep.

Actually, I'm doing that right now.


  1. I, too, enjoy herbals as a nightcap!

  2. I enjoy drinking some tea at night too, this includes what kind of tea am I drinking, I love green tea and oolong tea but my favorite is a holy basil herb which is also called tulsi tea from what I learned on it's history.

  3. I love green tea. I drink it hot and put a very little bit of honey in it. I prefer to buy green tea online India and I love to have. It is very refreshing.