Sunday, 21 February 2010

Assam Mangalam

Some people shy away from black tea because it can be really dark and strong. As soon as I say that, I know that of course there are many others who only drink black tea. This post isn’t for them. I’d like to make a recommendation for those people who don’t normally drink black. Think you’ll like this one.

You have to prepare it correctly (boiling hot water and preheat your pot, too) and not let it steep too long, but Assam Mangalam is really something special. All the blurbs I’ve read about it say that this high-end tea has golden red or yellow tips and if you can look at the leaves when you buy your tea make sure you see color on the tips of some of the leaves.

The other thing I read repeatedly is that it has a rich, malty flavor and sometimes a very light aftertaste. I didn’t taste it right after it steeped but as the tea cools, I can detect it. But only a little bit. Oh, one other small thing. From more than one source, I found out that this is a black tea that’s better prepared without milk. Try it.

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