Wednesday, 22 September 2010

the beginning of a Yunnan quest

There's no tea to purchase here on this tiny island in the Aegean, as I expected, but there are a few teas I picked up in Athens to write about and there's always some sort of ruminations that come to me when I have so much time on my hands.

For some reason, all the Yunnans I've tried from my suppliers in Germany have been green teas. I read about Yunnan blacks, but haven't come across any until now. The name, Grand Yunnan, that came on the package doesn't indicate what plantation it came from. My complete lack of Greek kept me from grilling the tea seller on exactly where this came from.

But this is a perfect introduction to Yunnan black teas. What I've read from multiple sources is that this is a good tea to include in a breakfast blend, and I can whole-heartedly agree. It's rather strong but in no way bitter. There's a bit of a smoky taste to it, but nothing as strong as Lapsang Souchong.

Now that I'm on the hunt, I'm sure I'll find plenty more Yunnan blacks.


  1. And how do you write Yunnan in Greek?

  2. In this shop, the labels were in French. So Yunnan was spelled Yunnan.

  3. I wrote a review on a Yunnan Black from Teaopia awhile back. It was decent. Despite my glowing review, I'm not keen on black tea at all. Oolong is more my style.