Monday, 6 September 2010

forgotten tea?

What makes me reach out for white tea in the evening? Although I like the subtle, intricate taste of most white teas, very rarely do I decide to steep it. Seems like I need to be in a particular mood to reach to that part of the cabinet. Can't say that it had to be a hard day, but white tea is very soothing.

Even at night, I like strong tea. Not necessarily black tea, but something with a bit of a punch.

So tonight I wandered into the kitchen and dug behind my other teas to find my canister of Pai Mu Tan white tea. And no matter what the occasion, or lack of occasion, this tea never disappoints. So why don't I drink it more often? Hmmm...

Are there teas like that for you? You know you like a certain tea, but it somehow gets overlooked? Passed by?

I don't mean that you're saving it. You have only a little, and haven't yet replenished that tea which you like. That's another subject entirely. What I want to hear about is a tea you have in your cabinet that you forget about. A tea that whenever you happen upon it, you're pleasantly surprised that you still have some left.


  1. I drink Pai Mu Tan daily. It's a real favourite. It's the only one I have both amongst the 29 at home AND the 4 at work.
    For me, it's the Yunnan I tend to forget. I run out, or have a little up the back of the secondary tea cupboard, and then suddenly I drink it, love it, race out and buy 100g and drink most of it over a couple of days.
    Really, it's not so much a forgotten tea as a binge tea

  2. I always seem to forget about my Genmaicha. I'm more of a Chinese tea fanatic but also love the toasted notes of a good Genmaicha. Sometimes I'll walk past my tea ware rack and spot my kyusu which will trigger an urge to brew up a fresh pot....

    I think I'll go brew some right now, thanks for the inspiration.


  3. White tea is great. I love it.

    For me, black teas are the ones that get forgotten. I'm not keen on them at all. White, green, oolong, pu'erh...those I'll have. Black tea, meh, it doesn't interest me.

  4. This never happened to me at home as all my teas are gathered in one place.
    However at work, I found out once about a tea I had forgotten and smelling it and tasting it brought back old memories (a bit like Proust's Madeleine).