Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tea drinking in America

Thought I'd be able to blog more easily while waiting for my flight, but the wifi is spotty. Am at some sort of odd public terminal, and I thought I'd quickly get down a few of my thoughts.

Because I wasn't all over America, my blogpost title is a bit of a reach. The first thing I noticed was that tea drinking isn't an inexpensive pastime here in the land of Stars and Stripes. I was pleased to see that tea drinking was at least an option, but the specialty shops I went to seemed to be overpriced or incredibly overpriced.

I hear people on twitter complain about selection of tea in supermarkets, but it really seems to depend on which one you go to. Texas is the birthplace of Whole Foods market, and they had both loose-leaf, as well as decent bagged tea options.

There were so many I couldn't try, but the Mighty Leaf tea bags I tried were quite good, and the Yorkshire Gold that I've heard so much about was a fantastic black tea blend. Really.

I only had a chance to try one online tea shop while I was stateside, but I'm going to be writing much more about the excellent experience I had with Upton Tea. Very quick and personal service.

The next time you hear from me, I'll be home in Germany. Can't wait to brew all this new tea I picked up.


  1. Are you in US now? Which city are you in?

  2. Whole Foods is the expensive store that I go there to only have ice-cream and sample free food :-p But yeah I miss the Whole Foods in Houston!

  3. Gingko, I was in DC and Texas. But now I'm back home in Munich.

  4. I love Upton Tea and have had very good experiences ordering from them too.

    And yes, I also am impressed by the quality of Yorkshire, I've had several of their loose-leaf blends now and they consistently impress. I tend to be biased against mainstream brands that sell blends, but some of them, including Yorkshire in my opinion, really deliver quality.