Sunday, 1 May 2011

tea party with Amelia

Had a wonderful day with my brother and his family. His wife Sara has been a valiant supporter of my tea obsession in general and this blog in particular.

But today my niece Amelia insisted that I share my tea. I considered something herbal. Or light.

Sara assured me that she often sips from her mother's cup and she would like my strong tea, as long as I added quite a bit of milk and even a bit of sugar. I did that and we had the sweetest little tea party.

Nothing special. A bit of Jaimasi black tea from the Nilai Estate in India. I didn't prepare it with her sensitive palate in mind.

She absolutely loved her tea, and I have to say it was the nicest experience I've had on this trip. Thanks for that Amelia.


  1. That's my tea-drinkin' girl! So proud.

  2. Always good to start young in a healthy habit!

  3. Lovely! My little girl loves getting sips of my tea. I love playing tea party with her! She actually likes the tea straight up! Nothing added. Mommy is quite proud :)

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