Tuesday, 30 August 2011

and I don't care how disgusting it tastes

One of the only reasons I ever bother wandering over to facebook anymore is because of this fantastic tea group there called Teefreunde (tea friends). Although it's primarily in German, there are a handful of English posts and these people are properly obsessed with all things tea.

So one post earlier today was written as such:

Gerade eben: "Ich hätt gern n grünen Tee, der darf auch fies schmecken. Hauptsache er ist gesund und nicht so teuer." (Immer nett lächeln) (My translation - just a moment ago: 'I'd like a green tea and I don't care how disgusting it tastes. All that matters to me is that it's very healthy and not too expensive.' I continue to smile nicely.)

What a funny interchange, right?

I wrote about the curious way that green tea is seen by the general public in: why does green tea taste like dirt?. It continues to astound me that people think green tea has to taste horrible. What an uphill battle to change this supposition.

But here we are again. Fighting the good fight. There were plenty of positive and helpful comments that you'd expect about water temperature and green tea of questionable quality (Gunpowder tea was the one that got the worst treatment), but my question is

Why does green tea continue to be so derided?

Is there something more that we can be doing?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts.


  1. The Keurig machine at my office has green tea. It doesn't taste like dirt at all. Of course, Keurig machines may be the McDonalds of the tea world for all I know. Let the tea hazing commence.

  2. I will now go to a well-written, informative coffee-lover blog to post that I like instant decaf. Be right back.

  3. I've no idea how dirt is supposed to taste. Nevertheless, there is green tea which has - for a beginner - a grassy or spinach-like taste. And I can fully understand that this might not be very attractive for persons who are used to drink coffee, chocolate or whatever...


  4. I don't know the Keurig machine Lisa, but you're welcome to talk about whatever you like here (within reason). Your presence here is much appreciated.

    And Ulrike, you're absolutely right. Some green tea is truly an acquired taste.