Thursday, 11 August 2011

tea on the mountain

Was hiking all day, and the best part?

Aside from the fresh air? And the views? And the incredibly happy dog companions?

Well the flask of tea, of course. The only thing better than an excellent tea is being able to drink it after climbing to the top of a mountain. Looking out over the other mountains and sipping on a delicious Grand Yunnan was the highpoint of the whole hiking experience.

The only problem? Well, there wasn't nearly enough. I had a mug of tea as I was scarfing down my breakfast before I rushed out the door, and the remainder of that morning pot was what went in the flask. That means from early morning until early evening I had exactly one pot of tea.

That's a travesty. A topic befitting a Greek Tragedy.

As I was walking back to the train, I realised I should've taken a photo of the flask up on the mountain, but it was too late. Next time. There'll definitely be a next time. This is the beginning of the best part of the year for hiking. And as we all know, tea drinking is a year-round sport.

(my trusty orange flask in the train with the Karwendel mountain chain in the background)


  1. OK, you had your trusty orange flask but where is the pretty silver one? Don't you trust it any more?

  2. Although the silver one is still in commission, it's a bit banged up at the moment.

    I'm trying to devise a way to take my Gaiwan on the go...not so practical.