Sunday, 23 October 2011

Don't tell her it's not tea

There were so many things I wanted to do on the old teablog this weekend, but great weather got in the way. As did the Rugby World Cup, and Manchester City beating Manchester United, and did I mention the weather was really very nice?  I was outside as much as possible.  Not much time for teablogging.

But luckily, I have done my little part for the teablogging community in the past, and some of it has started coming back to me.  I've said it so many times, but it needs much as I like tea drinkers reading what I have to say, it's nearly as much of a joy to find out that the occasional non-teadrinker comes to visit.

I've made no secret of the fact that I enjoy luring people over to the leaf-side.  So when I find out someone's actually taken any of my advice seriously...well, it makes me simultaneously proud and a bit nervous for the individual.

Several times over the last few months, Lisa Galaviz has threatened to actually attempt to put some of her newfound tea knowledge to the test.  If you know anything about Lisa, you know that if she goes through with something, she's going to blog about it.  Without further ado, here's the account of Lisa going to Teavana:

How NOT to go to a Tea Shop

Teablogging doesn't get much better than this, eh?

Let me just say something about Teavana, because I hear/read some unflattering things.  As a matter of fact, Lisa's blogpost wouldn't be so telling if it weren't similar to quite a few other experiences I've heard about shopping there.  It's the most common complaint I'm aware of.

But to be fair, a lot of people only get into tea because they stumble into a Teavana shop.  There are things this company is doing right, and I've been impressed with some of their practices.  I'm sure there's an entire other blogpost I could devote to what I like about Teavana.  Maybe another time.

Having said all that, you can really imagine those hippies hollering about antioxidants, can't you?  I certainly can.  Stay tuned for more on Lisa's experiments with tea.  Her endeavours with that Samurai Chai Mate are magic waiting to happen.

Let's not mention that Yerba Mate isn't really tea, ok?  I can just see her flying down to the Galleria demanding her money back, setting the Oolong-plucking monkeys free and riding away into the night.

For the sake of all that is proper, just don't tell her it's not tea.


  1. Let me just say... I sm totally taking off with those Oolong monkeys. We are tracking our destination on the GPS right now.

  2. Where can I go to browse tea leaves at my leisure? I have quite an informed list here, which I have favorited on Twitter. I really don't need the hippies.

  3. :-) I look forward to the sequel.

  4. Wait, what? The Samurai Chai Mate is not really tea? It's just leafy stuff posing as tea to get sold at Teavana? Maybe the monkeys are doing their own Occupy protest because they are real tea monkeys not Mate poseurs and that's why we can't seem to find the monkeys for purchase... so many questions, so little tea.