Sunday, 9 October 2011

Drinking tea for a second wind

Arrived in Weimar for completely non-tea-related reasons, and an already long day stretched out ahead of me.  There was an Onion Festival going on over the last three days, and to be honest I couldn't wait to drop off my bags and go see what the fuss was all about.

Before rushing back out the door, I decided to quickly brew a flask of tea.  I'd been sent some Darjeeling teabags from Hampstead Tea, and this is exactly the sort of situation I've chosen to use them.  Perfect on the go.

Then there was a lot of walking.  I have a pair of eager-to-run hunting dogs (Hungarian Vizslas).  I know quite a bit about walking.  This was a demanding amount of walking even by my standards.  But I endured.  There were onions to be sampled.  Onion soup, onion bread, onion cake...if this were an onion blog, I'd have quite a blogpost for you.

But it's not.  It's a humble teablog.  So?  What do I have to say about tea?

Well, at some point the sun was shining, my legs were rebelling, and I was getting unexpectedly irritable. At that point, a park appeared before me like an oasis in the desert, and I suddenly remembered the flask of hot, delicious Darjeeling in my bag.

Quite simple when such an opportunity presents itself.  Sitting in the sunny rays and sipping that brown luscious goodness, I was once again surprised by something I've experienced again and again and again.

There's nothing that'll give me a second wind quite as nice as a cup, or even an entire flask, of tea.  It's somehow simultaneously relaxing and invigorating.  Sometimes I'm curious how that works exactly.  Today I was simply grateful.

your teablogger just before enjoyment of tea


  1. Thanks for this photo and enjoy your time!

  2. I often feel this way after drinking a cup of tea; I'm not always sure if it's the tea or the break, it's hard to separate the two.

    How was the Hampstead tea? Have you had their loose teas? I was very impressed by their loose-leaf Darjeeling...never tried any of their tea bags though.

  3. I liked the loose-leaf tea more. Although the bagged tea was quite good for tea in a bag, it wasn't quite as tasty as the loose-leaf version. To be expected, actually.