Saturday, 3 March 2012

Løv Organic from the people who brought you Kusmi Tea

One of the first things I found a few weeks ago at the Bio Messe in Nürnberg was Løv Organic. Let me first say that this company knows a thing or two about presentation. The colours are beautiful, and the design is flawless. I spent quite a bit of time after the event pondering how important good marketing and branding are to a successful tea company.

Let's start out by talking about who's behind all of this. The press release begins with, 'Sylvain Orebi introduces Kusmi Tea's little sister Løv Organic, the organic tea that makes everyday life more beautiful.' I'm going to do my very best to not poke a bit of fun at that. Who doesn't want everyday life to me more beautiful? I'm not going to get in the way of you beautifying your everyday life. No way. Not me.

You know who Sylvain Orebi is, right? I first learned about him from Xavier's Teaconomics blog when he wrote An interview with Kusmi where he translated a radio interview with the owner of Kusmi Tea. Here's what he said about Løv Organic in that interview:
 You also created a new brand called Løv Organic. Could you tell us a bit more about it?
I created new blends for Kusmi and one day, I decided to listen to the people who keep on asking me for organic teas, not so much in France but rather in Scandinavia, Germany and the United States. 
We went for a new brand because a brand is organic or not but it can’t be both.
For the same reason, even if both brands are distributed via mostly the same channels, there is now a Løv Organic shop in Paris.
Here's the website where you can see the selection of teas and the everyday life more beautiful schtick for yourself  Løv Organic.                                         

So here's several of the samples I tried in Nürnberg. The one they call Rose is actually pretty good. It's Chinese black tea (they don't say what sort) 'delicately scented with rose blossoms.' I've written about tea with roses in it before (What's lahikmajoe drinking?), and it'll probably surprise you that I like this sort of thing. It's not an everyday thing for me, but as a dessert tea, it's not bad at all.

I'm not normally a fan of Earl Grey, but this one was quite good. The Bergamot oil was unusually subtle. If Earl Grey's your thing, you'll probably like this one. Unless you really love an overwhelming smell/taste of Bergamot oil. In which case...what's wrong with you? What actually surprised me the most was that the herbal blends I tried were quite tasty. These are definitely not something I'd go out of my way for. The only loose-leaf blend of theirs that I tried  was what they called Løv is Good. They describe it as, 'The wonderful spice blend helps you to stay on top form. Cinnamon and ginger, both rich in antioxidants, are well-known for their anti-ageing properties. Liquorice and aniseed give the blend its bittersweet edge.' Look,

I know this is a tea blog, and some of you are going to rattle your sabres about how this doesn't belong. This company actually goes out of it's way to refer to this as a blend. And their section on 'Classic Teas' is full of Camelia Sinensis goodness.

There is the little matter of the cloth tea bags. I have no idea how much better they are than paper tea bags, but they couldn't be worse. They're novel...I can definitely say that.

I'm still thinking of what I think of the presentation that they offer with this brand. My inclination when I first see such beautiful marketing is to slag off the tea. They must be hiding something.

But see, that doesn't have to be the case. The packaging is beautiful and the tea tastes wonderful. Some tea companies simply don't put a lot of thought into this. Løv Organic does.    


  1. I promise I haven't forgotten. I am going to drink tea someday. I promise. I do.

    Also, cinnamon, ginger, licorice & aniseed all sound really lovely. No, I'm totally not being sarcastic. They do. Those are all things I like very much.

  2. I guess the real purpose of the packaging is to make it into all those(us) design-conscious Scandinavians' homes and interior decorating magazines. And they succeed ;P Those cans are all over the place but serious tea shops....

    Nice to hear the tea's alright though, too much emphasis on design usually makes me suspicious. Might check out the EG if I see it. =)