Friday, 4 June 2010

What's lahikmajoe drinking?

Today I'm drinking a Ceylon with peaches and roses. Sounds odd, eh? I know.

It is. Odd, I mean.

For me. In general. Roses and tea? Really? Do they go together? Sure. Why not?

If I find a shop that mixes two things...tea and something else, I'm going to write about it here. I'll tell you why. I'm certain you're waiting with baited breath, huh?

Several weeks ago, I wrote about a shop in Stuttgart that sold both tea and yarn. Knitting and tea drinking. Loved it. Not because I like knitting necessarily. I just like inventive mixtures of shops.

Maybe I enjoyed such fusions before, but the first time I remember being so excited about two sorts of shops smushed together was when I was in school. I went to the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. Long time ago. Really good music school, but it seems like a lifetime since I was even in Cincinnati, much less in school.

In Clifton was a laundromat that was also a bar. The name was nearly as inventive as the idea to mix the two types of establishment: Sudsy Malone's.

Today, I was in a little city in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps called Bad Tölz. Was there for another reason, that I plan on writing about tomorrow, but I happened upon a shop that sold roses. Fresh roses, dried roses, rose soap, rose perfume...everything roses. Including tea with rose petals. Sounded dreadful to me at first, but then the woman in the shop let me smell the Ceylon in one of the cannisters.

Was surprisingly good. To smell at least. So I got 100g, and brought it home to Munich. Brewed it up a few minutes ago, and it's delicious. Don't be misled. I won't be drinking this daily. But periodically, I think I'll pull out the peach/rose flavoured Ceylon. Maybe when all of my warm friends are here. You know how warm they can be.

(in German warm is a euphemism for gay. This joke will only be funny to some of you who understand German. Not many, but some of you)


  1. Barbara Andrew5 June 2010 at 10:31

    Quite like the idea of peach/rose combination and knitting and tea drinking seem like a reasonable mix. Ausserdem, I verstehe Deutsch!

  2. Das gefällt mir Barbara.

    Jackie bei leafboxtea spricht auch Deutsch. Du sollst meine deutsche Artikeln lesen. (Ken Macbeth)

  3. I love unorthodox combinations like laundromat + bar, or strange tea blends! One particular one that I thought I'd hate was Rishi Tea's Vanilla Mint Pu-erh...sounds awful doesn't it? I loved it.

    I've always had an idle dream of opening up a business that had 3 shop on the first floor, bar with a dance floor in the basement, and a bookstore upstairs. =) I figure the two will make money to subsidize the bookstore.