Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Milk-in-my-tea crowd

You know, thanks to all of you in the milk-in-my-tea crowd, I've gotten back in the habit of spritzing my tea with a bit of moo-juice. Read something somewhere recently that adding milk to tea destroys the healthy qualities of tea. And my answer to that? So...

Health benefits of tea are extra for me. I drink enough tea without milk or sugar that I'm sure I'm getting all anti-oxidised the rest of the time. Right now I'm drinking this cup for the taste. And some teas taste better with a bit of milk. Am really digging Ceylon Nuwara these days (wrote about it a while back), but for breakfast I'm drinking Ceylon Bop Uva. Tastes fine without the shot of lactose, but am loving it with.


  1. Having just read "The China Study," I put it to the geeks who read this relate the aforementioned study in the BBC article to the deadly effects of casein. To paraphrase, all animals given aflatoxin and 20% casein were dead of liver tumors at 100 weeks. Animals given aflatoxin and 5% casein were all alive. Fortunately, the author mentions that casein comes mostly from cow's milk, so others (goat, sheep, etc.) are ok.

    So, here's my recipe for a completely healthy hot drink that is NOT tea:

    1 cup goat's milk, heated
    Stir in some unsweetened powdered chocolate (no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, lots o' antioxidants)
    1 packet of Stevia


  2. Have heard about the problems with cow's milk for years. Some don't like the taste of goat's milk, but I happen to like it.

    Not ready to trade in my tea yet, but I'll certainly try this drink you've described.

    I can't help but point out the irony of the "fudge man" of yesteryear recommending unsweetened chocolate. Deliciously so...