Sunday, 14 February 2010

Up to now

The response to this tea blog thus far has been, on the whole, polite bemusement. I say things like, "Tea's bigger than you think." Or, "Loose-leaf tea's the new coffee," and people just smile at my naivety. Certainly, there's a subset of aficionados, but tea? Are you serious, Ken?

Here I want to briefly review what I've discovered so far. Already, I had a rough knowledge of tea processing and the history of tea, but am devouring new information about these things. And truly enjoying it.

The most useful sites I've happened upon are:


They offer completely different things/services, but are undeniably helpful and informative.

The most whimsical tea-lover you'll find on twitter is @thetearooms. Purports he's reporting on every cup of tea he's drunk and although that's not all he talks about, he's desultory in the best sense of the word. Enjoy.

Well, I've drained the dregs of my first pot of the day, and that last mug was sadly a bit cold. Off to brew up. If you're reading this, why not say something? To comment is divine.

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  1. In an attempt to achieve divinity, here is my comment.
    I enjoy reading your blog, and am sure other people do too! The big problem is, even if Joe or Jane, Fritz or Gretel frequently & happily read your musings, they do not tell you so. Perhaps they're shy. So, how do you know they actually like reading your talk? You don't. And that of course is frustrating, as there are days where you might wonder why you bother. Of course it will not put you off. But writing would be a lot more fun, if bloggers got that much deserved pat on the keyboard. We tea writers, can only continue the way we have; produce great content, and hope someone will reply and comment too.
    And of course sometimes - surprise - it just happens, someone finally leaves a comment. Here's to many more of those,
    With thanks,
    Jackie (