Thursday, 11 February 2010

Why does everyone think I drink tea?

Is it just because of my skin color? Sure, my parents are from India, but I’ve only been on the sub-continent a handful of times. Have never liked the stuff. Neither does my dad. My mother drinks the occasional cup, but what the…?

It’s as if I was Irish-American and every time someone saw my red hair or heard my name, they said, “…” Oh wait. No. I’m not going to get caught up in making the same rash ethnic generalizations. That’s exactly what I’m railing against here. Fucking racists.

Think about it. The same people who make this stupid tea stereotype…I see them as philosophical progeny of the same people who enslaved India to begin with. Can’t even see a teapot or cup and saucer without making the mental connection…the people who swilled tea, killed natives, raped the land…I really shouldn’t get into this.

My parents aren’t angry about colonization. At all. Don’t care in the least. I guess their parents were more opinionated, but whenever I’ve tried to ask my dad about his parents and their life, he says, “They were poor. Poor as dirt. That’s all you need to know.” So I don’t even think they had an opinion. Why do I even give a damn?

Oh yeah-tea. You asked me about tea. I don’t even drink iced-tea. No thanks. Keep your damned tea.

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