Friday, 5 March 2010

Sorting out black tea

Eventually, I’m going to meander over to white, green and oolong teas. Eventually. There’s so much to talk about with black tea. Colonialism is one of the topics I’ve only scratched the surface of. Before I get to green tea and China (and Opium Wars), I’d rather delve deeper into black tea and India. I’m intrigued by both, but know a bit more about the latter. And have more knowledge of Assams, Ceylons and Darjeelings. To you green tea lovers, be patient. I’ll get to China eventually. Maybe. India is just too vibrant and intoxicating.

Today, I’m drinking Assam Hajua. Another tea that’s recommended to be drunk with milk. It’s a good tip. Without milk, the tea’s still tasty. But nicer with milk and maybe a lump or two. Water should be, as always with black teas, boiling hot (95 degrees Fahrenheit) and steeping time 4 minutes or so (less than I normally steep black tea).

Located a map of the Hajua region in the internet and it’s at the foot of the mountains on the border with Bhutan (north of both Meghalaya and Manipur). Excellent Assams can be grown at very low altitudes, but it looks like this Huajua region is a bit higher.

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