Thursday, 11 March 2010

Winter demise

Winter is giving us her last brutal anger here in Southern Germany, but soon it'll be worth all of the pain. Nearly every year, we have a long winter and then in late February/early March it gets unseasonably warm and everyone appears to believe that winter's gone and spring has arrived. This is never the case.

Like so many other years, we had a few days of springlike splendor and cafes/restaurants were setting up tables and chairs on their terraces. Smokers, who'd barely survived the 'no smoking in public places' law, were smiling their Cheshire grins as the weather allowed them to comfortably smoke each cigarette languidly. Alas, it wouldn't last.

This is a tea blog. Why on earth am I talking such nonsense?

There's method in my madness. I assure you there is.

Have recently read some posts about the health benefits of tea at and noticed that something I read is really true. I've mentioned before that I used to be an unrepentant coffee drinker. Likely still would be if drinking it didn't make my heart race.

My problem is that if I like the taste of something, I drink more and more. Was a great formula for whiskey drinking when I still imbibed. So, since whiskey and coffe are out for health reasons, what to drink? Enter tea. The perfect solution.

What I read at leafbox, is that drinking tea is good for stress. That there are naturally occuring chemicals in tea that calm you even when you drink it by the bucketful. I know the caffeine isn't particularly good for you, but I've already subtracted so many things I once liked from my diet for health reasons. I'm just not prepared to lose caffeine as well.

So here I am in the last days of winter, looking out my front window on a snowy scene. Mug of Ceylon Adawatte in hand wondering what the day will bring. Am sure that the tea is calming. IF it could only get more people to comment on this blog.


  1. What else is the Ceylon Adawatte wondering - besides what the day will bring?

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  3. They're wondering if snarky comments are a sign of deep emotional trauma. If they are, we're both in trouble.