Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Brioche aux Pralines avec Ceylon Adawatte

Found a bakery a year or so ago that I adore. It's not in a chic area of town, so most probably don't even know it exists. I love this. It's what the Germans call a Geheimtip. A location that only a few know about. This morning after one of my appointments, I meandered through the Westend, popped in, got a few pastries and hurried home to brew up.

So here I am. For these Brioche aux Pralines that I got, I chose Ceylon Adawatte. The pastry is a specialty of Lyon, or so I'm told. They're as delicious as they look. Have written about this tea on my blog before, so I won't bore you with a description. It's perfect. I've included a photo of my presentation. Hope you like the mug my friend Jan brought me from Finland. Wish you could join me for the Brioche and a cuppa.

Maybe next time.


  1. Unbearably delicious looking - especially to someone who hasn't had breakfast yet. I would like to know the name of the "Geheimtip" please, and I would love to know what's in the pastry? On the photo it doesn't look so much like praline (nuts), it looks raspberry red. Enlightenment quickly please, one hungry reader.

  2. Ok, Jackie.

    The Geheimtip is called Patisserie Amandine (Bergmann Straße 44) in the Westend (near the Heimeran S-Bahn station).

    The Pralines are candied almonds. The ratio of Brioche to Pralines was perfect. They tasted even better than they looked.

    And finally, the Ceylon went beautifully with it. It's a relatively mild Ceylon, so the sweet pastry complemented it well. You know I like stronger black teas.

    Glad you enjoyed the post.