Thursday, 21 April 2011

are you kidding me?

Ok tea lovers,

Prepare yourselves for a bit of a rant. Am actually a bit surprised at my reaction, but if I don't say anything now I might convince myself that it's not that important.

I've heard people whinge about the price of loose-leaf tea, and I've thought it was rather excessive. Come on people. It came all the way from China or India or somewhere else far,far away. Sure, it's a plant and it's grown in a part of the world where the cost of living is relatively miniscule. Nevertheless, the logistics of getting it here aren't so easy. Some cultures have less of a tea history, and are in desperate need of professional marketing.

But come on. Are you serious?

I'm not going to call attention to any individual tea seller, but if you watch this blog over the next few weeks, you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. $25 for roughly 60 grams of tea? Really? That's not just seems like it'd actually drive some away from tea.

I've had some really exceptional tea in my life. Some rare tea can be quite dear. But nearly everything in your shop? Not helping our cause. Not at all.


  1. Thought this might get more of a reaction, but what do I know?

    What I did want to mention is that I live in a particularly price-conscious society now. Although there are some high-end German tea shops, there are plenty of other more affordable alternatives.

    It's entirely possible that while I'm travelling in the US right now, I'm only experiencing the most outrageously pricey shops/tea rooms.

    Am very curious what the rest of you think. Is tea a luxury item that should be charged for accordingly?

    Are you so accustomed to the prices where you live that you simply accept them?

    Don't just sit there looking at my words. Say something.

  2. Tea is not a luxury item - it's that it's a TRENDY item rightnow. I agree it's ridiculous.

  3. You should've mentioned the vendor. Lemme guess...rhymes with Nirvana?