Friday, 8 April 2011

from a humble tea company

The last few mornings have started with an Assam Sephinjuri, which I adore. I wrote about this tea here last year, before I very lightly mentioned the issue of fair-trade and sustainability.

My tea supplier in Hamburg says this is an ideal tea for the morning. I've certainly been following his advice. Every morning, as I said. No idea why I like this tea so much. It's not nearly as expensive as an Assam from Mangalam or Hatamari, but there's something simple about it that really pleases me.

Says it's a first flush as well. Had no idea Assam was divided into categories of flushes like Darjeeling, but why not.

Did a rudimentary search to see what I could find out about this region of tea growing in Assam, and I found about Camellia Plc, which started out as The Sephinjuri Bheel Tea Company Limited. I'm certainly not doing any advertising for this company (I don't know any more about them than what they say on their website), but I do like the idea of a modern company involved in many things that started out as a tea company.

But now that I look at it in a bit more detail, they're involved in Agriculture & Horticulture; Engineering & Manufacturing; Food Storage & Distribution; as well as Private Banking & Financial Services. Goodness...that's quite a variety of things, eh?

Wonder what the founders of the tea company would think if they saw all of that today. They'd likely be very proud.


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  2. Ken Macbeth Knowles, Sephinjuri Tea Estate was sold by Camellia Plc (now it is known as Goodricke) to the Basantipur Tea Company Pvt. Ltd somewhere way back in 1964 or so. An informative blog!