Sunday, 10 April 2011

Drink tea if you're man enough

The bar was really raised this weekend in my little community of tea bloggers. Not only was @lazy_literatus hard at work on a tea fantasy of epic proportions (The Legend of Lapsang), but @The_Devotea also wrote a very poignant post about the tea people with whom he cavorts virtually (Bridge Over the River Chai). It really was a treat to read them both.

Everyday, it seems more teablogs appear on the scene. Although there's room for all of them, I'm always considering what might make this blog a bit different. These two compadres continue to do exactly that. Since reading the above-mentioned posts, I've been pondering how to add to the discussion. How to make this place just a bit more off-kilter.

The tea community that I've watched grow around me is really astounding. There are certainly tons of others I could talk about, but these gentlemen deserve special mention.

And the whole topic of tea manliess would've never been brought front and centre without the upstarts over at The Tea Blag .

Drink tea if you're man enough.


  1. I think you fill your niche just fine. At least your blog has focus and prowess. That and you update regularly.

  2. Bitte schön.

    Next stop: tea memes. This should end well...

  3. Thanks for the mention, I always enjoy your blog with its wistful thoughts.
    I am not a fan of blogs that go along the lines of, "well, I put this tea in a pot and made it and drank it. Woohoo!" etc.