Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Black Dragon love

The more I look at the traffic on this blog, the more fascinated I am at what generates more eyeballs. I know some people are much more professional about this. Up until now attracting readers has been a very unscientific endeavour for me.

I write long-winded descriptions of tea shops in obscure places and get little or no response, but then I write a quick post about masculine tea drinking and get more attention than ever before. The search results that bring people here alternate between obvious and obscure. I'll go into more detail on that another time.

But the thing that's been fascinating me lately is what other sites send me traffic. People come here from twitter, and quite a few read my mirror blog over at and then click through to here to see this site, as well. But almost twice as much traffic as anywhere else comes from one source. It's Black Dragon Tea Bar out in Seattle.

Once I started looking at this data, it was clear I should show my gratitude. So in my own small way I'd like to send a bit of traffic back his direction. I could go into painstaking detail about the things I learned about Brett (Black Dragon's proprietor) while looking at all the nooks and crannies of his blog, but I'll let you do it on your own. It just so happens that his latest blogpost is a very nuanced and interesting take on organic and sustainable tea. Don't take my word for it, have a gander:

My Thoughts on Organic Tea

It really is interesting, isn't it? Read more about Brett and what he's doing with tea. He's clearly one of the good guys.


  1. I have been finding the same thing with my blog!

  2. Hi Ken. I really like all of your posts... but this one is my favorite :) Thanks!