Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gottfried Helnwein drinks tea (I think)

Watched a fantastic documentary about Gottfried Helnwein this evening. It was so enthralling, that the time I'd normally be writing my blog was spent staring at the television screen.

And as it was going on, I thought, 'What am I going to write about on my tea blog?'

But every new painting of his I saw dragged me farther and farther from thoughts of tea. As interesting as his work was, his ideas were even more intriguing. If I thought I could describe them succinctly, I'd love to try.

As he was explaining his methods and how carefully he dealt with the child models, he was often sipping from a ceramic mug. Hmmm? Wonder if he's fueled by coffee.

But then right near the very end as they're wrapping up the whole thing, there's a shot of his teapot.

Don't care about the controversies I read about him as I searched the web. He's apparently a tea drinker. Controversy be damned.

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