Sunday, 12 June 2011

grandpa tea

This is the kind of blogpost that writes itself. I've often said that I feel like a very old man whose body is slowly growing to its correct age. I like to sit in cafes and complain about the state of the world while sipping my tea.

I enter phone numbers and addresses into my computer and phone, but I still have an address book where I write people's names and relevant details. The more volatile or nomadic friends' names go in ink, but their numbers are in pencil. Erased and rewritten many many times.

It seems a bit antiquated, but I still write thank you notes. I'm definitely not being smug about it. Someone gives me something nice, and the least I can do is put pen to paper and say how much I appreciate it.

Surely there are times that I'm not conscientious or thoughtful, but on the whole I do find myself being proper and upright without giving it much consideration. My mother insists that my time in Germany has made me more particular and even rigid in various situations. I tend to blame maturity more than my adopted home, but my impartiality is clearly suspect.

Thanks to Erik Kennedy, otherwise known as @thetearooms, I was led to a site called Tea Addict's Journey and a wonderful piece, written by @Teafanatic, about drinking tea grandpa style.

The simplicity of this is what I like most. Throw some tea and hot water into a mug (the more over-sized the better) and voila, there's your tea. No fuss. No dogma.

Was essentially doing this with my lesser-quality tea while I was sick last week. There'll be plenty more of the same this week, too.

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