Wednesday, 14 September 2011

all the same teablogger

Jo Johnson suggested in a blogpost that Robert Godden and I were the same person.  Here's the whole post: World Tea East - Finale.  She was joking with VL Hamilton, as she describes it, and VL assured her that there was no way that we were the same.  Like I say, I'm sure that this was an offhand joke, but what better place to start off a blogpost.

First of all, Robert and Geoff Norman and I have joked that we're the Beasts of Brewdom.  We not only interact with one another on twitter, but we find ourselves blogging in tandem and doing what little we're able to for the sake of masculine tea drinking.

But I've taken the funny off-hand comment and wondered to myself what sets us apart.

Robert's blog which is called The Devotea's Tea Spouts is a collection of musings and curiosities that he's written and he's particularly good when he's somehow riled up and/or got a score to settle.  One of my favourite of these is Carry On Up the Spout.  Try it you'll like it.

And Geoff has included his explorations with tea, as well as cultural ponderings.  One of his better recent posts was Iran So Far for...Tea.  All about tea in a part of the world about which we get such murky information.  Periodically, he'll go on a tear and write a piece of tea-fuelled prose that is immensely entertaining.  Watch for just such a piece of fiction.  It's worth the wait.

What am I doing here?  What's the purpose of a teablog?  Partly, it's a documentation about my love affair with tea.  It's a place I like to record the minutiae and the tangentially tea-related.  I've also purposely tried to make this blog as accesible as possible for tea newcomers.  I joke about bringing people over to the leaf-side, but it really has been a pleasurable avocation of mine to attract curious people to try good tea.

More on that soon.  Much more.  But in the meantime I'll simply say that to be confused with the likes of The_Devotea or even Lazy Literatus is not such a bad predicament to be in at all.


  1. I have never thought of that before: That my blog is at it's best when I have a score to settle.
    I always thought my romantic wafflings about Lady Devotea or my intense questioning of life, the universe and everything were my zenith.
    Although the one that is bubbling in my head will be settling a score, one from a horrifying incident in 1910.

  2. @Robert - I personally think that you're blog has quite a bit of whimsy to it. It just so happens that you're at your funniest when you have a rant to go *along* with that whimsy.

    @Ken - Thanks for the compliment. I'm still working on having a proper "voice" for this ol' teablog. Much like yours. Hopefully I'll have one that's more consistent in the near-ish future. *heh*

  3. What would I do without you tea guys? You are so clever and funny! Now... Off to drink coffee.

  4. I find it really amusing that someone thought you were the same person...such different writing styles and personalities coming through...what was the idea...that you were expressing a different side of yourself under a pseudonym?

  5. It definitely wasn't a serious comment. It was a thrown out aside at the World Tea East.

    It's been funny how much interest it's created, but anyone who knows/reads both Robert's and my teablogs can see the obvious differences.