Friday, 30 September 2011

drink it to the last leaf

A few days ago, I read about Nicole Schwartz's plan to rid herself of some excess tea in the blogpost The tea pound.  (You might know her as @AmazonV over on twitter).  I liked the idea, but I've continued to blame my distance from most of the rest of you as a reason not to get into direct tea trading.

But it just so happened that I went digging into the back of my tea depot, and I have much more of a Choice Formosa Oolong than I realised.  My solution today was to just drink as much of it as I can.  This isn't a burden, as I really like this tea.  It was my introduction to Oolong, and for a long time it was the tea I turned to much more readily than any other.  Here's an autumn photo that makes me think of this Formosa Choice Oolong's dark brown leaves:

autumn in Bavaria
So I regularly order little 100g or 200g packages of as many teas as possible, but if I really like a tea, I'll order as much as a kilogram.  This is exactly one of those situations.  But the next time I ordered, I forgot that I'd already ordered it, so I had another 500g sent along with my selection of other tea.

What's my point here exactly?  Well I have a question for you.

When you have a lot of a specific tea you like, do you go overboard drinking it like I do?  You don't always meticulously ship it off to others, do you?

I assure you that I'm not trying to sell off this tea.  Am genuinely curious whether you ever order too much of a tea you like and, like I do, power through to use every last tea leaf.

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  1. I do buy a lot of a tea once I know I like it, but my favorites change I don't buy over a pound usually. If i find I have too much tea, whether i like it or not, i try and find it a new home so it isn't wasted, but sadly i can only drink so much tea.