Tuesday, 6 December 2011

an as yet unheralded tea people in Munich

Altes Rathaus in Munich

Peter at Tea Trade had an idea this summer that I'd already considered, but it was nice to hear it from another source. When tea lovers are going to Munich, I want them to think Lahikmajoe. Of course many of you would. You know I'm here because I write about it all the time.

But I was doing an internet search this week, and on a whim I searched 'Munich' + 'tea' expecting to see myself well represented. Go ahead and try it. I'm not represented at all. This has to be corrected.

For one thing, I don't often include the word tea in my tags. And even though I've written about teashops and tea salons here in my adopted home, I should keep talking about my favourite places and their tea here. There's quite a selection.

If you happen to be travelling through Germany and find yourself here in the capital of beer consumption,  I want you to know of your tea drinking options. If I happen to be in town at the time, I'd love to meet you in one of those shops to share a pot of tea or three. When you think 'Munich' and 'tea', I want you to think Lahikmajoe. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Let me remind you of some of my favourite places here in the Bavarian capitol:

a general sense of well-being

That's all about the Tushita Teehouse, which is normally first on my list of places to take people here. There's also the sweet little shop around the corner called Laifufu, which I wrote about here:

Oolong Nirvana in the next street over

What about teashops? Well, my local shop is called teegalerie in Munich-Neuhausen. I was so excited this summer when he had some Flugtee for me:

finally a cup of first flush

There are quite a few other tea drinking and tea selling places here, and I plan to go into much more detail about them. From now on, I'd like to be much easier to find when people are looking for tea people in Munich


  1. Capitol is the building with the dome on it. Capital is the city that serves as the seat of government.
    All that said it would be a capital idea to meet now that I am back. Perhaps we could find a capitol building with its name in capital letters as a place to meet.

  2. Ooh, webmogul, you're right.

    I've gone and altered that. These comments make no sense to those that come after.

    We should definitely use the comments section of the teablog to decide where we're going to meet. And have some meat.

  3. My sixth grade teacher taught us to think of the "o" in capitol as the dome on the building as a reminder of the correct usage.
    I did bring a family almost-an-heirloom tea cosy back with me but it is tight fit on the proper English teapot.

  4. 'tight fit on the proper English teapot'?

    That's not a euphemism, is it?