Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Does drinking tea make you sexy?

A while back, @leafboxtea brought up an interesting point. You know people are reading your blog. They tell you so in real life or mention liking your blog on twitter, but they rarely say anything. I used to think I didn’t get many comments here, but I’ve been reading more of other people's blogs. Now I know that when it comes to comments from readers, I’m really quite fortunate.

Leafbox had an idea to attract people to read your blog in the first place. It was simple: write salacious topics to draw people in. The point was that if you offer something titillating and they come barreling in and then they find out the real topic is …tea? Are you kidding? That titillated surfer would be furious. Might even feel deceived. Tea-that’s possibly the least sexy topic ever, right?

So, here are the naughty and filthy questions I’d like to pose: Does tea drinking make sex better? Are tea-drinkers sexier than the average Joe? Is there any truth to the claim that some teas act as an aphrodisiac? Hmmm…do I have your attention now? I though I might.

Here goes: I’d venture to say yes to all three but would rather let others make my arguments for me.

Does tea drinking make sex better?

First of all, some people say they can only have sex when they have a few drinks in them. Allegedly, some illicit drugs make sex better, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. What about tea?

If you have a cuppa or even a whole pot, are you more amorous? Well, are you? Comments are encouraged on this.

Are tea-drinkers sexy?

What about the typical tea-drinker’s sex appeal? I can already hear several of you saying there is no such thing as a typical tea drinker. Ok. Point well taken. But still. When you think of the tea-drinkers you know, are they somehow more alert? More aware of what’s going on around them? I’d say yes, but that’s just my experience. What do you think?
Tea as aphrodisiac

About the last question: I had to do a bit of research. I’m going to save this topic for another post. There’s enough in the first two questions to have a lively discussion.

When commenting, please try to be discreet. This is a family blog.


  1. Haha very interesting topics you bring up!
    I do not have much to add to the post, but at least drinking tea has made me healthier and looking better (no acne, weight is stable, etc.)! Does that count as being more sexy?

  2. Yes, Sir William. That in fact is more sexy. Thanks for being the first one to speak up.

  3. I do agree with Sir William as it is quite funny to read about such an original topic.

    I will try to answer your questions.

    1. I don't think so.
    2. For me the typical tea drinker is an old English, not really a sexy vision.
    3. I will wait for the result of your researches.

  4. Clearly, there's a distinction here.
    There's nothing sexy about tea bags.
    Alcohol's affect on men in the bedroom is well documented by everyone from Shakespeare to Dire Straits; and it's not good.
    But someone who takes the time to select a superb tea, steep it to perfection and serve it in good china: well, that's someone who is probably keen to excel in every field of endeavour, including the amorous arts.
    Add some of those little jelly-topped cakes and it's practically porn.
    To quote Jackie and Peter at LeafBoxTea.com "It's ok to start with tea and end up naked"

  5. Devotea; of course you could argue that if you fuss around awfully while making tea - trying to get it picture perfect right - then maybe you're not spontaneous in certain amorous instances either. You know the type who meticulously steam cleans the sheets with partner still asleep in the bed.

    So, I don't know.. perfection in the tea department can go either way. It could mean you're a connoisseur or just plain, uhm retentive.

    A jelly topped cake, on the other hand - chomping into one with unbridled bite..well, that of course is quite another matter. Clearly those are the sort of things you have to pack into discreet brown paper bags.

    Ice Hellion..you're right. Those of us scribbling on here, are nothing but old spinsters with blue tinged hair :)

  6. Jackie, you know what they say of blue hair...#naughty.

    Ice Hellion, ooh but they are sexier. They are. And

    Devotea, it's no accident that Jelly Roll means what it does in Crescent City classic jazz.


  8. Well, my wife drinks only tea, and I consider myself to be the luckiest of men ... so there may be something to that.

    One more reason to stay fit as one ages...

  9. I'd have to say not particularly and it all depends. But I do think a man who has the sense to make an early morning cup of tea for his 'ladee' may find his efforts don't go unnoticed.