Monday, 26 April 2010

Drink better tea

We've had several days of beautiful, almost perfect weather, and I was beginning to get accustomed to it. Today is overcast and the rain stops and starts. A bit like Hamburg. I love it.

I find that this is thinking weather. Far superior to clear, blue skies. When the sun is out and it's warm enough to lay in the grass while the dogs scamper round me, it's not particularly likely that I'll get philosophical. Quite the oposite will happen.

My brain empties and I find myself really entering into some sort of odd half zen/half stupid state. It's not a bad thing, but it's not necessarily good for productivity. Today I've already written for a few hours and had a doctor's appointment. Now I'm on my way to my first meeting of the day. I always walk into such Monday morning appointments with a spring in step. This is the advantage to doing something you really like.

Don't tell my clients how much I love my job. They'd never pay me to do it. I'm sure of it.

What tea am I drinking these days, you ask? Quite a lot of Darjeeling. Even have a Darjeeling Oolong that I found in Hamburg (have written about it here before) and it's been a nice mid-morning follow-up to my initial pot of Assam. Still brew the Assam Hajua that I love so much most mornings. Love the dark, bitter taste of Assam Hajua first thing. After that I drink something a bit lighter.

And thanks to something Asiatic Fox and Sir William of the Leaf have been chatting about. I've been infusing white, green and Oolong teas twice and sometimes three times. The tea lasts longer, tastes fantastic and I'm really enjoying figuring out how long the various teas should steep and at what temperature to make them stretch out optimally.

For those of you who still bristle at my fiction, please be tolerant. I had a blast yesterday with my little #teahobo. He's certainly not based on anyone I know, but he does reminds me of so many old men I've been acquainted with over the years. Let me know if it's still confusing when I write prose here. Hope once a week or twice a month I can still do that without alienating my scores of loyal readers.

Have a great Monday and drink better tea. You'll be glad you did.


  1. "Don't tell my clients how much I love my job. They'd never pay me to do it. I'm sure of it."

    Who knows?

    And I'll drink to that too.

  2. I guess it may be because you're in Muenchen, in the heart of Bayern, that you didn't mention East Frisien (Ostfriesland) tea blend. There's nothing quite like it.


  3. If you read my earlier blogposts, you'll see that I drink quite a lot of tea from Hamburg. I love Ostfriesen blends.

    Great tea and onderful people from that part of Germany.

    Moin moin.

  4. I'm glad that you're experimenting more with your tea!

    I always infuse mine until the leaves are dead. When I have my tea, I like to have a full session. >=)


    P.S. I wasn't all that fond of that teahobo prose.

  5. Thanks A fox. Keep reading. The hobo will only appear when I feel he must. There's plenty more to cover in the next several weeks.

    Multiple infusions really do make the leaves last longer. Still not doing more than 2 (rarely 3), but those 2 or 3 are delicious.