Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tea drinkin

Here's a funny situation...I couldn't open my document with the blogpost I'd written on it. It was early morning, and I wanted it to show up on Thursday, so I just wrote 'tea drinkin' and figured I'd modify it later.

Almost immediately, Ice Hellion responded with a 'me too'.

So, I was thinking. Dangerous for me, I know. If I wanted to, I could wait and post what I wanted to for today in tomorrow's slot, and I can write any mad thing I want knowing that Ice Hellion has already admitted to the same thing.


I don't drink tea, I smoke it.


I think people who drink tea are aok.

Well, hmmm...

I can't think of anything to rope Ice Hellion into. It's too bad actually. Missing a golden opportunity.

So here's what I'm doing right now as I write this. I'm sipping a cup of excellent Formosa Oolong. Am pretty sure there's at least one other someone out there drinking tea right now, too. Maybe she'll comment.

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