Thursday, 22 July 2010

and now for a bit of the mundane

Am watching a very French musical from 1967 and drinking a China Sencha Dong-Bai. Thought about going into detail about The Young Girls of Rochefort, but I'll just name it and if you want to go look at or wikipedia, I'm sure you'll find all you ever wanted to know.

It's full of all the total irrational improbabilities that people who like musicals always disregard, but it's not all bad. It has Gene Kelly playing one of the sister's love interest. The sisters are played by a very young Catherine Deneuve and her real life sister Françoise Dorléac.

Sometimes the voices are dubbed, Gene Kelly's accent is terrible when he's not dubbed, and despite all the things I can come up with that are wrong with it, I can't turn it off. There's a summer storm raging outside and the pastel colours and faux-jazz melodies on the screen are a welcome distraction.

Not that I need to be distracted from a storm. I love storms. Is this the right tea for this weather? I guess so. I'd like to try some new green teas. This one is delicious, but I bought so much of it and often make it because I think I need to get through the bag. That's not a reason to drink tea, is it?

It's not bad. Even as I write that I think, 'You should be drinking teas that excite you...not just ones that aren't bad.'

Now there's a biopic about Francoise Hardy on and while I could be distracted while the cheesy musical was on, I don't want to miss a minute of this.


  1. I have a green Sencha waiting to be tried, so now I have a reason....curiosity.

    So you like Francoise Hardy or 'ardy as they say in France. I remember she had super hair.

  2. It happens to me also that I want to get through the bag, but I think any reason to drink tea is good.

    And is it possible to only drink teas that excite you? Don't we need some not bad, even some bad and bland teas to keep us calibrated? Or is it possible to raise the bar all the time?

    When storms brew it is time to put the kettle on. After being out in lovely foul weather what joy it is to come inside and drink hot tea, why not a strong Assam or...well, any tea!


  3. Watching Arte and their Summer of the 60s shows?