Monday, 19 July 2010

Irish breakfast?

Remembered a funny story about an illegal after hours bar that I used to go to, and it has a funny connection to tea.

Am not going to mention the name of the place or in what city it was located for reasons that'll immediately become evident, but I actually have no idea if the place still exists.

Not sure if the place had a liquor license, and they'd only do this for after hours drinkers. If you'd already drunk until the bar closed elsewhere and weren't yet ready to call it a night, you could go to this above-unnamed place and order an 'Irish Breakfast tea', and they'd bring you a big mug of Guinness.

Now that I look back on it, there're a few obvious questions that come to mind that never occurred to me then. The first thing is: why Irish Breakfast? Guinness-Ireland. Yeah, I get that.

But secondly: what would happen if someone really wanted such a tea that late at night? Not someone just trying to elongate his buzz, but someone in the mood for a bit of highly caffeinated Camellia sinensis . How shocked might he be when his first sip of brew turned out to be that dark syrupy Stout? Another brew entirely.

Not much of a teapost tonight, but peripherally involved. A bit of a stretch? Yeah, maybe.


  1. Maybe they thought that Irish people drink Guiness from the early morning to the late night?

  2. One could mix the two.
    That would be an interesting combo!