Monday, 26 July 2010

enough with the fanciness

Sometimes I wonder if all the obsession about different teas is a waste of time. Tea is tea, right? I think that maybe my penchant for finding 'the best' gets in the way of my simply enjoying a simple tea.

Then I drink something like I did today, and I'm sure that being picky is necessary. Had the end of a bag of a Sencha simply called Fancy Sencha. I don't know how I got through the majority of this bag, but I will not be running out and replacing this one. Fancy? Indeed.

It had all the characteristics of a bitter, grassy green tea without any of the charm. My only hope is that another infusion or two might save it. Might be, but isn't likely. Someone said here recently that we drink the mediocre tea to make the good tea all the better. All this fanciness is going to make my next pot of anything else all the tastier.


  1. Some are good, some are less good and some are bad.
    I guess there is a tea for everyone and that if you find one that doesn't suit your tastes, the next one will be much better.

  2. The "problem" when you try a lot of different teas, is that some taste better, and then you crave more of that stuff. Your taste evolves.

    I don't think this is a problem at all.

    Maybe the only way to enjoy even a simple tea, is to stay put, don't shop around for new tea? Or maybe be more mindfulness when sipping?


  3. "Fancy" is a prime example of a weasel my opinion, these words are best avoided in tea names and descriptions.