Monday, 5 July 2010

Bromine of the Theo

Have read about the many chemicals in tea and often wondered why it seems like I stay more focused when I'm drinking pot after pot. LeafBoxTea had a great essay about busy people and tea drinking a while back, and at some point I'll figure out to link to other sites. Am sure it's easy. Just need to figure it out.

But then I was perusing the Teahacker's site, and he went into some detail about Theobromine. He breaks down theo, which means 'God(s)' and I thought bromine would mean murky dirty liquid. I learned there that bromine means 'food'. So, as he says there, this Theobromine is literally food of the gods.

When I was in school, there was a hilarious percussionist who I had an early morning class with...John something...and he'd slink into class looking like hell, with a big cup of coffee. He'd take a big, slurping sip, and say, 'Mmmmh...Coffee, nectar of the Gods.'

The thing is that I don't get the same results from coffee. I do from tea. When I drink more than a cup of coffee, my heart pounds in my chest. Tea only leaves me wanting more of it.

When I have a project to do, the constant accompaniment of my ever steaming mug of tea keeps me going. And the very best part is that when I eat sugar or drink coffee, there's nearly always a crash that follows. The spike is exciting and short-lived. With tea, it comes on slowly but eases away slowly. Very slowly. Wouldn't even call it a spike.

More like a slow burn.

Mmmmh...tea...bromine of the theo. Delicious stuff, this.


  1. This is interesting because since I started drinking tea, not that long ago, I am losing my taste for sweet things, as for instance my choice of biscuit to accompany my tea, Rich Tea instead of Lemon Souffle, don't seem to need that sugar rush any more. All good.

  2. I am trying something for a week: stop drinking tea.
    I know it sounds awful but this is just a test to see if I will need it in any way (ie if I am really adicted).