Wednesday, 2 February 2011

cup after cup getting better and better

Today seemed endless. That being said, my tea drinking was as close to ideal as I can imagine. Had a strong Assam Khongea to help open my eyes, a pot of smoky Grand Yunnan to carry me through until early afternoon, and then I started on what seemed like a limitless string of infusions of Darjeeling Kangra Oolong.

Here's where I got it: Darjeeling Tea Express

and here's a description:

Even the first infusion, which can sometimes be a bit weak/watery, was delicious. Light, but full of the flavour that was to come. And here's what I loved: each infusion was tastier and tastier...I thought it couldn't get better. But it did. It tasted like the flowers that were only hinted at were coming alive in my mouth.

Another time I might go back and talk about the specific notes I tasted, and how those notes strengthened or faded. But I simply wanted to mention that all the trial and error with multiple infusions of a good Oolong can eventually produce quite a tea drinking session. Today's was one of the nicest I can remember.

I was out and about for most of the evening, but upon returning home I couldn't resist seeing if those sad, abused leaves could yield one more round of not nearly boiling water (80°C). They did. The last infusion was still worth it. More than worth it.


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  2. "Today seemed endless"
    Does this mean "it seems I couldn't drink enough tea today"?

  3. About those "sad abused" leaves. Awful, I can't help but feel sorry for them now. And you're getting a kick out of it too. :P
    Either way, the Darjeeling Oolong sure must have been good. I really have a hard time re-steeping my tea, but with an Oolong I will. Once. I just can't get myself to do it more often.

  4. This sounds interesting...I continue to find Darjeeling oolong fascinating. Even though I don't like the majority of ones I try, enough of them have gotten my attention that I know they could be good. I would like to try this one based on what you've said here.

  5. Ice, there was plenty of tea. I just had a lot to take care of yesterday.

    Jackie, it's taken me a long while to get it right. More tea-less water was the first thing that I slowly accepted. I also think the smaller clay pots make a big difference. That being said, it takes time.

    Alex, based on your comments and my experiments, I think I'm really getting the most out of these sensitive teas. The lower water temperature seems to be paramount.