Friday, 18 February 2011

dark brown unfurling

Am excited about a package full of Hampstead Tea that I received today. Seems there selection of Darjeeling all comes from the Makaibari Tea Garden. A great resource for information about any Darjeeling estate is Darjeeling Tea Express, and this is what I found there about Makaibari.

So the teas from Hampstead Tea are a white tea, two black teas (one first flush), and even an Oolong. In the next several days, I plan to brew these up and share my impressions here. I must say that I'm very impressed with the presentation of the packaging. The picture of the dark brown liquid unfurling into the white background is really attractive. You can see it at their website here:

Hampstead Tea

Should be a good weekend for tea drinking.


  1. I really like seeing bags like these all around.
    They mean more teas, more things to try, more adventures.

  2. I was impressed with Hampstead's basic Darjeeling -- which makes sense, because I love everything that I've ever tried that has come from Makaibari estate.

    I was less impressed with their English Breakfast. I am open to being proved wrong but I am skeptical that it's possible to create a good English Breakfast tea solely out of Darjeeling black tea. It's a very good tea, but not at all true to the style.