Sunday, 6 February 2011

tea drunk

Was reading something about being teadrunk at, and thought it'd be a nice place to start for a post. Actually, they called it 'tea-tippled', but I thought teadrunk sounded more direct and sometimes even more accurate (teadrunk is actually used at one point).

Here was the original article (from this time of year back in 2008) that got me pondering the thought:

Cha-dzui: "Tea-Tippled"

So, he talks quite a lot about detoxification whilst drinking 'very good grade, chemical-free, organically grown High Mountain Oolong', and I'm wondering if I've gone through that. I know I don't drink only one sort of tea, and I have no idea if the Oolong I drink is all of those things.

But I definitely know the feeling of being teadrunk. It can certainly happen after a few pots of black tea, but there seems to be something to the unique effect of drinking Oolong.

There was an episode of Lives of the Cowboys on Prairie Home Companion this weekend, and one of the cowboys is given some fennel tea that knocks him out cold. I'm not sure I'd call that teadrunk. That's more like tea-comatose. It was funny how the cowboy talked about the way tea can relax you. Another one of those tea stereotypes that isn't necessarily so bad.

As always, I'd love to start a bit of a discussion here, so I'll just ask: do you ever feel drunk on tea? Does it matter if it's white, green, black or Oolong?


  1. I don't think I have yet been teadrunk but perhaps teahappy. Maybe I might be tea addicted as I definitely feel the need of tea at certain times of the day and don't feel right if I don't have it and I do mostly drink Oolong!

  2. I get teadrunk/high all the time. I guess you could say I'm addicted

  3. I never was teadrunk and I am not tea addicted either as I don't feel the need to drink it.

    Teahappy? I like drinking tea and I enjoy doing so but I don't think this qualify as being teahappy.

  4. There are only 2 teas I can recall that have really put me over the edge to drunkenness. It doesn't happen often.
    One tea was an aged Tie Guan Yin. The other was some obscure shengpu.
    It feels great though!