Monday, 7 February 2011

Neil's Yard

My friend Ruth married a guy named Neil, which means I got a new friend in the process. A while back, I saw them at some function, and they informed me they were packing up and moving to Newfoundland (and Labrador), where he'll have a little cafe/shop and serve tea. That's right tea!

The plan back then was to sell/serve tea from teabags. I thought that maybe my short-term goal was to bring him over to the leaf-side, but he seems to have made it over here on his own already. Thankfully.

Nevertheless, he wants to show me the teas he already has, and I want to introduce him to the Darjeeling from Darjeeling Tea Express that I served at the tea tasting I did a while back.

I'm also going to show him the basics of twitter, and extoll the virtues of meeting/communicating with tea people there. Should be fun. Will definitely be reporting here on the whole ordeal, but I wanted to start out by introducing Neil and his soon-to-be-opened cafe/shop. It's called Neil's Yard, and here's the website:

Neil's Yard

Go have a look.

More soon on an impromptu tea tasting and a welcome newcomer to the online tea community. You can't wait, can you?


  1. Where is that?
    It looks interesting.
    I can't wait :D

  2. Xavier, the link says Bonavista, Newfoundland. :P

    Why would they be choosing to move there? Not a lot like Munich I would have thought. Either way, what a big adventure! I hope you guys keep in touch via twitter and so forth. Tell Neil, that Twitter does work!

    Your tea drinking session sounds like fun, I'm typing into your blog and as I'm doing this, you're sipping in your living room. Or kitchen, or wherever it is you sip! You lucky guys.