Thursday, 3 June 2010

hundredth post (woo hoo!)

Have been at this for nearly half a year now, and am amazed at how much has happened thus far.

Considering my nightmare scenarios about blogging, I'm pleasantly surprised at how far from reality my fears were. The biggest concern was that I'd write what interested me and others would find it boring. I was also worried about running out of things to write about. If you read this blog regularly, you might think to yourself; 'Hey lahikmajoe, you ran out of interesting things to write about the third week.' Ha!

You might be right there.

But I'm still having a blast. Someone told me a few months ago that some of the best blogs have daily content. If you write something everyday, then people are more likely to come look everyday for what you've got to offer. So for a while now, I've been writing everyday. For better or worse.

I've focused on black teas and India/Sri Lanka because I know more about them, but haven't shied away from talking about green tea. Have been obsessed with Japanese culture/people since I was a teen, and I grow increasingly more interested in China. If I had to predict the future, I'd say I'll continue to specialise in Indian teas (black, Oolong, green and white) but that I'll learn as much as I can about Japanese and Chinese teas as I go along. there are decent Indonesian and African teas that no-one seems to notice. Not no-one, but few of us.

If you're reading regularly, thanks for doing so. If you're new here, it used to be better. If you think it's better now than it used to be, you're being kind. But you're possibly mistaken. Writing everyday has given me an opportunity to find a bit of a voice. Although this blog is ostensibly about tea, that's really only the jumping off point in my opinion. Don't want to delve into too much of a *meta* conversation, but my favourite writers aren't ever talking about what it appears. At least not exclusively.

Melville was writing about whaling, but that book isn't really about the whale. I love tea and everything associated with tea drinking, but this is about something much bigger. Most bloggers would have two separate blogs for what I try to do here. If I want to write about another one of my passions: music, film, politics, media, food (cheese, slow food, chocolate), or various other things, I should consider having a miscellaneous blog for all of that other stuff.

But I have another opinion about that. I write all of that stuff on my teablog. All of it. And people seem to appreciate it. I wouldn't be writing my hundredth post if I wasn't getting such positive feedback. Might still be writing for the hell of it, but certainly not so regularly or so passionately. Thanks for your support. You make this a place I like to visit.


  1. Congrats =] keep this blog going!
    It is entertaining and a fun place to comment =]

  2. You are a very prolific blogger!

    I like that though...when people blog more, it gives me more to makes it easy to skip over less relevant posts and find ones that are particularly engaging or thought-provoking given whatever I happen to be thinking about.