Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Was drinking coffee yesterday

There’s no reason for me to avoid it. Have to apologise for yesterday’s post. Normally I drink tea when I write this blog, but yesterday I was drinking coffee. Hence my freak-out.

Yesterday was a long day in a string of long days, I was upset Mexico played so poorly against Uruguay and now has to face Argentina in the Round of 16, and I was writing crazy talk here. Sensuality?

This is a tea blog. People who drink tea are measured and respectable people. I’ve said it before, but Anglicans drink tea. Maybe Catholics are more likely to have a big mug of coffee and get passionate like I did yesterday.

Tea-totalers are staid people. We don’t do anything rash. We consider all possibilities and in a slow and careful manner we decide what our next step will be.

If you imbibe in the leaf, and you’re not sure about a decision, you brew a pot and sit quietly and ponder all eventualities. Ponder the ramifications of the miserable decision you’re about to potentially make. You wait until most of the first pot is gone before you even pretend to know what you’ll do. Maybe even half way through the second pot, you have no idea where this is, in fact, leading. Will there be consensus?

Consensus? That’s right. Consensus. As a drinker-of-the-tea, you’re of two minds on whatever issue you’re deliberating. You can see the benefits of both arguments and try desperately to argue the weaker side convincingly. To no avail, but tea people are nothing if not hopeless idealists.

I will continue to pontificate on sensuality but use safer words for you my gentle readers. When drinking the java, I’ll attempt to avoid writing here. It’s just not right. Not proper.


  1. The difference between Anglicans and Catholics is not in their drink but in something deeper linked to sensuality :P

  2. As I wrote that line, I thought I sounded a bit like Garrison Kiellor. Not my intention. Should avoid talking of religion entirely.

    Was raised in the church (one of them anyway), and I have family who still darken the doors of said church. Wouldn't want to offend their thin-skinned sensibilities.

    Not really the right place for religious talk anyway, is it? A tea blog that talks about spirituality? Not here.

    There's nothing to see here. Move along.

  3. Hey Lahikmajoe I enjoy the post, and stumbled on your blog through leafbox. I look forward to more post. Keep them coming lol

  4. Thanks Jordan.

    Yeah, I've seen you at LeafBoxTea. Those are our people. Both Jackie and Pete are the kind of people that make tea sites more professional and congenial.

    Glad you commented. I appreciate it.