Saturday, 19 June 2010

All the tea in China? How about all the tea in Beaumont?

Jackie at LeafBoxTea asked me for a bit more whimsy after all of my melancholy the other day. I normally aim to please.

If I believed the statistics about how many people are even reading this blog anymore, I'd be quite disheartened. The counter says I've recently had days with only one or two readers. How sad. There might be something wrong with the counter, but regardless...there's certainly far less dialogue/conversation going on than there was even a few weeks ago. Maybe the summer is partly to blame. Maybe I'm just not entertaining/interesting.

I try to imagine some deceptive teasers that I could use to lure new in and former readers back in. I could write them at twitter/facebook, and watch the readers come pouring in. The trick is to write teasers that make the blog appear far more exciting than it actually is.

The danger is that they actually do come looking, and are sorely disappointed. Like I give a hoot. Web traffic is my one and only goal remaining in my little, shallow life.

What blogpost titles might drag in my former legions of readers? I'm so glad you asked.

How about these:

She offered him whiskey, but all he wanted was tea!

He had a moral compass...until he tried tea.

All the tea in China? How about all the tea in Beaumont?

Please Mr. Boss-man, could you pay me in tea and biscuits?

Just because I sarcastically mention them here, doesn't mean I won't try them and others. My whimsy bone has been tested...and easily sorted.


  1. I am as guilty as anyone of reading blogs and not leaving a comment, good or bad. I like the fun of this one, and also look forward to the more informative ones as a raw recruit to the army of tea drinkers

  2. Nice title but where is Beaumont?
    With a name like that (beautiful hill), it must be a nice to drink tea.

  3. Beaumont, despite it's enticing name, is the ugliest place I could think of.

    Would've said Buffalo or Eerie, PA...but this place is on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and is likely getting a bit of BP oil at this point. I was really just being ridiculous.