Monday, 7 June 2010

teatime with the buck of the stars


Another day?

What on earth am I going to write about? How about Starbucks? Yeah. Starbucks.

Sometimes on 4square, I mention that I'm at a Starbucks. Then it's announced on Twitter, and I regularly get a snide comment from someone that I'm supping with the dark side. I beg to differ, but there's no way I'll win this argument in a short blogpost. If at all.

I think the first thing that irritates people is that the tea at Starbucks is nearly as bad as the coffee. I'm not going to argue that. They have teabags with decent tea. For teabags, that is. The English Breakfast is tolerable. I'm not an Earl Grey fan, so I don't drink that.

The green tea that isn't flavoured is not unappetizing, and the Chai is really quite good. To be clear, I rarely drink Chai. I'm far from an expert.

But Starbucks in Munich started offering free wifi this year. So I come here to work.

That's right. I'm there now. Drinking tea.

But I had a shot of espresso first. In a little ceramic mug. Do they even have ceramic mugs at the Starbucks in the US? I don't remember them, but maybe I wasn't paying attention.

Then I ordered some English Breakfast, which I drowned in Whole Milk and enough brown sugar to cover up the true taste of the tea. Am trying to be polite, but I guess the way I described drinking it tells you how I really feel.

Thanks for the free wifi Starbucks. It's really convenient.

And your coffee's not so bad.

Compared to Dunkin Donuts at least.


  1. The only thing worth it to me there is the shaken iced black tea, unsweet. That is the only thing I order, and probably the only thing I ever will order. Haha.

  2. Working from a Starbuck? I hope the music around is okay (is there any music at all?).

    As for the okay tea, you have to cover its taste, so it tells us a lot.

  3. I only go to Starbucks, if I have to go there for someone else. And that's rare. I tend to drink Earl Gray because I think the base tea is pretty poor and the bergamot oil somewhat masks that. :)

  4. I don't go to Starbucks very often, But I do go to the Border's Bookstore Cafe to get work done frequently. Their's is Seattle's Best cafe, and they offer whole leaf tea, which isn't too awful, they at least have it loose leaf and put it in a bag themselves. I go there to work more than for the tea though.

  5. Thanks LissaMarie for mentioning Seattle'S Best. They sometimes get overlooked because 'Bucks of the Star' is so inconspicuous.

    The place here in Munich that does loose-leaf tea is called San Francisco Coffee Company. They're not bad at all. When I have to choose between Starbuck and SFCC, I often choose the latter.