Thursday, 10 June 2010

lush life

Last week, it was really cold and rainy for this time of year, and everyone was complaining about it. Then the sun came out and the result of the weeks of dreariness was lush, green perfection.

But now it seems the same people who loathed how wet it was are now as unhappy about the heat. I know it's useless to please everyone, but I love the different seasons. The fact that we have such a variety of weather makes me smile inappropriately. There are plenty of places in the world where this isn't the case.

Lately, I've also heard people talking about iced tea. I have nothing against it. I've even been known to drink presweetened iced tea in my time. Not for a long, long time, but I've certainly had it.

But I've heard drinking warm things when the temperature is unbearably high is actually better for your body. The thinking is that the your system has to work harder to get the freezing cold liquid to your body's heat level.

So I've had my white tea and am practically sleeping as I finish writing this. As is often the case, I feel somehow soothed and eased into my dreams. Before Louis and Ella, there was a sweet girl dog named Lyle. She was walking along a road in South Dakota, when she found me.

I always marvelled at how vibrant and sprightly she was first thing in the morning. And how she dragged around by the end of her day. I'm an old dog right now. The tea has settled and calmed me. It's the kind of summer's evening where it feels like anything is possible. And, in a manner of speaking, anything is.


  1. I agree with Sir Wills and Ice. A dog found wandering down a road in South Dakota conjures up an interesting and thoughtful image. And your line about feeling like "anything" is possible, has something incredibly enticing about it. And that's because as an optimist I am sure it can only spell unlimited wonderful possibilities..