Thursday, 19 August 2010

gateway Assam

Have written mostly about Oolong and Darjeeling lately, but I start most days with a strong Assam. Most of the time I like a really dark tannic tea first thing in the morning, but I can recommend one that isn't so tannic. It's called Assam Khongea.

It's malty, but not overly so. When someone tells me Assam is too strong for them, I let them try this one. Until now, I've only had excellent responses.

So if you normally don't go for strong teas but want to try something just a bit stiffer, here's your chance.


  1. Sometimes a more tippy assam will brew a bit less of a strong brew comparatively!
    If they get an STGFOP-1 for example, and brew it for a short time, they get a very sweet, malty, but not harsh or bitter brew. Good way to start someone off!
    Ceylons work nicely as well!

  2. As always interesting advices that I might follow one day.

  3. Gateway assam...that makes it sound like a gateway drug!