Friday, 6 August 2010

No tea in him

Several weeks ago, I translated a passage from a book about tea drinking called Die Kunst Tee zu trinken(The Art of Tea Drinking) that I found in Vienna. Happened upon another line in it that I wanted to share. Am pretty sure you'll like it.

The author's still talking about taste regarding tea, and says that the Chinese have a saying about someone who has no fine sense of taste. If the person being described has either no taste or what they call bad taste, then he has 'no tea in him'.

Isn't that a great phrase? No tea in him.

I certainly have some days where I'm rushing here and there and can't wait to get home, brew up and get some tea in me. But the thought that my limited taste or complete lack of taste could be described as a dearth of tea? No tea in me?

Well, I need to go get some tea in me. Tout de suite.


  1. I know exactly what this means! I tend to drink tea at more or less the same time each day and if I am deterred in some way, I feel uncomfortable. As a "newbie" does this mean I am hopelessly addicted?

  2. This is great! It fits with what I'm always saying about how drinking tea develops your taste too! =)