Sunday, 29 August 2010

What was missing from my day

One of the only reasons travel is possible in my life is that my dogs have a fantastic dog sitter. Anytime I'm either too busy with work or play, I can take Ella and Louis to their second home where they visit their Black Lab friend Joanna. Except in the very rare instance that the sitter is on holiday.

Was invited to a wedding in the Bavarian countryside today and because the dog sitter is on one of her very rare trips, I had to juggle both things (the dogs and the wedding). What was neglected? Tea.

My day is normally accompanied by rather constant tea drinking. I did have a pot at breakfast, but in a rush, and after taking the dogs for a good run, rushed out the door to be late but not too late.

The wedding reception was a fantastic meal prepared with food grown there in the region. One course after another of delicious combinations of fish and fruit (what normally would never go together), as well as tender meat from what the Germans like to call 'happy' pigs. I'm sure this is a sort of marketing to assure people that these animals weren't fattened in cramped pens. Nevertheless, when I think of 'happy' pigs, I imagine the farmers interviewing their charges to make sure they're truly content with their existence.

But back to the point. It was a fantastic meal and the conversation was interesting, but there was something missing. Sure there was coffee and cake (you can't have an afternoon gathering in Germany without coffee and cake), but my body was screaming out for tea.

Upon returning home, I took the dogs out and immediately brewed a pot of the darkest, strongest Assam I could. Am sure I would've enjoyed a nice delicate Darjeeling or even a grassy green tea, but to break my tea-fast, I wanted something with a little kick.

Twas perfect.

By mid-evening, I'd blazed through two pots of tea and started to feel balanced again. Am sure I'll be up in the night at some point to give some of this liquid back, but honestly it was worth it. That warm, happy glow is all around me. I blame the tea.

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  1. I understand your "problem" and I am going to go through the same while I will be cycling for 6 days soon.