Sunday, 22 August 2010

tea tasting out of retirement

There was an article in one of the Sunday papers today about a tea taster. What he said and what was said about him was not terribly intriguing, but it still got me thinking.

What an interesting job.

Slurping, tasting, spitting...and repeat. One thing he said that got me thinking. He was already retired from some unnamed career, when he officially became a tea taster. What a thought, eh?

Enjoying his golden years, and what brings him back to the work force (if you can call tea tasters part of the work force)? He's got an above-average penchant for distinguishing good from mediocre tea. So, he gets to make his hobby into a dream job.

I'll leave you with this happy ending for a change. Tea tasting into eternity.


  1. I wouldn't mind the tasting but wouldn't like the spitting out! Does he get paid for doing it, that would be nice!